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THIS DOMAIN WAS HIJACKED BY A PHISHER. A phisher convinced Tucows to transfer the domain "dark.fail" and served phishing links right here for over four days. Here is my signed statement following the attack. My Twitter followed the events as they unfolded.

You may have been phished. If you researched any darknet sites using links here during the phishing attack and did not PGP verify the .onion URLs you may have been phished.

For now, Dark.fail is only accessible at darkfailllnkf4vf.onion by using Tor Browser while we audit our security. Our .onion site was not affected in any way by this attack.

Hash: SHA256

If you visited sites listed on the clearnet domain "dark.fail"
between April 29th through May 5th 2021 you were phished and should
rotate all credentials immediately!

DarkDotFail has regained control of the domain "dark.fail", the
Twitter account "@DarkDotFail", the Reddit account "/u/DarkDotFail",
and the email address "hello@dark.fail". Thank you Njalla for your
tireless work in getting our hijacked domain back. The attacker was
unable to get past 2FA on our Twitter, Reddit, and Email. They did
not access any existing messages nor servers. Emails sent to any
address @dark.fail during the attack were received by the attacker.
Our .onion site was not compromised. Our OPSEC is fully intact.

A phisher stole our domain and operated it for four days in a highly
sophisticated attack that bypassed all security protocols we had in
place, including 2FA. The attacker sent a fake German court order to
Njalla's partner Tucows and convinced them to transfer our domain to 
Namecheap. They then listed 68 phishing replicas of real sites on
our domain, stealing an untold amount of cryptocurrency from these
sites' researchers and users. They also hijacked DarknetLive.com.

It took Namecheap four days to transfer our domain back to us.

Read @brokep's summary of what happened for more information: 

Every site listed on the domain "dark.fail" from April 29th through
May 5th 2021 was a man-in-the-middle phishing proxy. Each site
looked real but instead shared all user activity with the attacker,
including passwords and messages. Cryptocurrency addresses displayed
on these sites were rewritten to addresses controlled by the phisher,
intercepting many people's money.

DarkDotFail's .onion address was not affected by this attack. No
phishing sites have ever been displayed there.

As long as we are maintain a clearnet mirror, we cannot fully promise that
this will not happen again. The domain name system is centralized and prone
to human error and deceit.

Always check /mirrors.txt and PGP verify it. Researchers that PGP verified
sites before interacting with them during this attack outsmarted the phish.

This unprecedented attack has set back our entire community. We are
implementing ways to rely less on the antiquated domain name system
used by the clearnet and to move to decentralized DNS alternatives.

We are infuriated that our trusted name was used for harm.

Devastated, motivated. Big changes are on their way.




NEW: Verify signatures with Dark.fail's new PGP Tool. Don't get phished. Always PGP verify .onion and Bitcoin addresses before interacting with them.

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